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Virtual Series, “Corporate Conversations on Purpose” Episodes Focus on Translating the Idea of Purpose into Business Success


Australia and the United States – Purpose is the new frontier for performance and competition in today's business landscape, and failing to adapt means companies risk being left behind.


Lynne Filderman of Curation On Purpose is very proud to partner with Phil Preston, CEO of The Business Purpose Project and announce the launch of a new virtual production, Corporate Conversations on Purpose (CCoP), a series of 30-minute virtual conversations with business leaders who offer their expertise and candid insights in navigating purpose-based transformations.


CCoP is meeting this critical moment in time as no one has all the answers nor is there a single prescribed way of dealing with the rapidly changing business environment and shift to the purpose economy.

Go to to view the episodes and get the Insights Pack.

A special thank you to our guests and to our partners 3BL Media and Ampslide.



Founder & Chief Curation Officer
Curation On Purpose LLC

Lynne D. Filderman has worked with some of the nation’s largest brands to amplify their thought leadership and find creative ways to engage audiences through in-person and virtual events, e-books and more. In recent years, she has curated stages for several conferences to amplify the thought leadership of major brands.


She has worked with some of the nation's largest organizations, including Sesame Street, Booz Allen Hamilton, PGA’s Booz Allen Classic, American National Red Cross, America’s Charities, Innovations 2016 – A Philanthropy Forum, Ideagen, 3BL Media, Green Sports Alliance, Organization of American States, Social Venture Partners Miami, Program of Policy Studies in Science and Technology, U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment and more.

Lynne grew up in a retail family in Washington, D.C., and learned early on the value of advertising, marketing and sales.  She received a M.A. in Science, Technology and Public Policy from The George Washington University.



Founder & CEO
The Business Purpose Project

Phil left a corporate career in 2007 to help people and organisations maximise the difference they make. Since then he’s worked with hundreds of clients on purpose-based challenges across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Phil is the founder of The Business Purpose Project, author of Connecting Profit with Purpose, co-host of Corporate Conversations on Purpose and host of Talking Purpose in Business & Life. His own ‘purpose’ is to accelerate the purpose economy and improve our collective resilience and prosperity.

In 2021, Phil created The Business Purpose Project with the aim of accelerating the purpose economy and improving the collective resilience and prosperity of people and communities worldwide. Under this banner he has authored several new case studies and started two video / podcasts called Corporate Conversations on Purpose and Talking Purpose in Business & Life.

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